Terms and Conditions

1.1     Booking amendments and cancellations

Bookings can be made online, by telephone or in person.

1.2     Amendments

All bookings must be amended by telephone only. Please have your booking reference number to hand when you call.

1.3     Cancellations

Cancellations can be made by yourself either via the link in the payment confirmation email you receive or in the ‘My Booking’ area by following the online instructions. Cancellations are free of charge up to 48hrs before departure. After this a £5 administration charge will be deducted, up until the date of departure. If you fail to turn up for your booking and have not cancelled in advance – no refund will be given – this includes mistakenly using another carpark.

1.4      Extended stay

If you decide whilst you are away, that you are unable to travel home on the date provided; this will be treated as a new booking, and this extended booking will be charged at an additional charge of £5 per day. You must notify us if you are unable to travel home on the arrival date stipulated on your original booking.

2.0      Time of arrival

We do not accept any responsibility for missed flights. You must arrive at the carpark in reasonable time to ensure booking in and getting to the terminal on time via our shuttle bus. We do not accept liability for any loss suffered due to poor time management.

3.0      Securing your vehicle

All windows and sunroofs must be closed before departing your own vehicle.

3.1      All lights must be turned off, including interior lights

3.2      Any dashboard camera or recording device must be disconnected from any power supply. We reserve the right to disconnect your dashboard camera or recording device. Hyde Air Park is a secure private area, and security of this area must be maintained.

4.0      Courtesy Coach

Our courtesy coach will run on demand. You must allow enough time to book in and get to the terminal in good time. We accept no liability for your own time management.

5.0      Complaints and damage

Any damage to your vehicle must be declared.

5.1      Examine your own vehicle before leaving Hyde Park. Any damage must be reported before leaving the premises.

5.2      We will not accept any liability for any damage reported to us after leaving Hyde Air Park.